One important question I want to answer is: why create a website specifically about friendship between men and women? Why not create a website about friendship in general, and then male-female friendship can simply be a part of that? It’s an important question and one which needs to be addressed. I do believe that it’s right to promote friendship in general – so why focus on this particular form of friendship in particular?

I think the answer boils down to this:

Although a number of people are now advocating friendship, few other people are advocating friendship between men and women

Over the last few years there have been some good books written about friendship, for example True Friendship by Vaughan Roberts and Made for Friendship by Drew Hunter. These are both excellent books and I would highly recommend them. However, neither of them really address the question of friendship between the sexes – in fact, I believe that in one place True Friendship discourages the idea.

I’ve been pleased over the last few years to see that a number of Same-Sex Attracted / gay Christian writers have been advocating friendship – most recently in David Bennett’s book A War of Loves (which I reviewed here). Wes Hill and others have been running the Spiritual Friendship site for years.

However, I think there is still something of a blind spot when it comes to friendship between the sexes. I wonder if many people simply think relationships between the sexes should primarily be marriage, and that anything else is ‘too risky’ in terms of sexual immorality.

Whatever the cause, I believe that friendship and same-sex friendship are already well covered in print and online, while opposite-sex friendship is lagging behind. Hence, this website is an attempt to redress that.

That, in a nutshell, is why Friend Zone is dedicated to male-female friendship and not friendship in general!